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COPPUL DPN Professional development and education opportunities

The COPPUL DPN works to educate and build capacity for digital preservation in member institutions. See below for upcoming educational and professional development opportunities. You can also recommend a speaker, topic, course, or program related to digital preservation.

See previous presentations and slides.

Upcoming events

May 2017

The PKP-PLN: Thursday May 4th @ 10 am PST.  Join Bronwen Sprout (UBC) and Mark Jordan (SFU) and learn about the PKP PLN, a Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) to digitally preserve OJS journals. The LOCKSS program offers decentralized and distributed preservation, seamless perpetual access, and preservation of the authentic original version of the content. The PKP PLN ensures that journals that are not part of the Global LOCKSS Network, which primarily preserves content from larger publishers and vendors, or an existing PLN, which preserve small numbers of OJS journals hosted by member libraries, can be preserved using the LOCKSS program. [More information].

Past events

April 2017

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) [view presentation]: Wednesday April 19th @ 10 am PDT.  Mary Molinaro, Chief Operating Officer & Service Manager for the Digital Preservation Network, for an overview of DPN, both from technical and organzational perspective. DPN "provides members of the academy and their successors with assurance that future access to their scholarly resources will be available in the event of disruptive change in administrative or physical institutional environments. By establishing a redundant and varied technical and legal infrastructure the survival, ownership and management of preserved digital content in the future is assured for DPN members." (https://dpn.org/) [More information].

The Arca Repository Network [view presentation]: Tuesday April 4 @ 10 am PDT. Coordinator Sunni Nishimura provided an overview of BC ELN's Arca Repository Network for COPPUL members interested in joining the service.

March 2017

An overview of Archivematica-as-a-service [view slides]. Sarah Romkey of Artefactual provided an overview of COPPUL's Archivematica-as-a-service, including new service features like DSpace integration, which automatically ingest content (digital objects and their metadata) from institutional DSpace repositories to hosted instances of Archivematica using a specialized automation tool . The service includes installation, configuration, testing and ongoing technical support and user training.

The future of LOCKSS [view slides]: Tuesday March 14 @ 1 pm PST. Nicholas Taylor, Program Manager for LOCKSS and Web Archiving at Stanford University Libraries, provided an update on the distributed digital preservation software and service programs he oversees. [More information]

Research Data Canada [view slides]. Thursday March 2nd @ 10 am PST. Research Data Canada Executive Director Mark Leggott provided an update on RDC's work to foster the development of a coordinated national effort to support the preservation and access of research data. [More information]

February 2017

Building the Internet Archive of Canada [view presentation]Tuesday February 14th @ 10 am PST. Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle provides an update on the Archive's plan to build an Internet Archive of Canada. [More details]

January 2017

An overview of COPPUL's WestVault preservation storage service [view video | view slides]. Thursday February 2nd @ 10 am PST. COPPUL WestVault will employ the award-winning LOCKSS software to provide a high-redundancy peer storage network across all 4 Western provinces.  WestVault will be able to monitor content health, repair damage, and recover from data loss events. It will address a range of threat scenarios, such as major natural disasters and multiple simultaneous cyberattacks. See also the initial WestVault Expression of Interest to COPPUL members, and a "Q and A" about the service.

December 2016

Digital archeology at the University of Victoria Libraries [view video]: John Durno, Head of Library Systems at the University of Victoria, discusses his digital preservation work in the field of digital archeology and retro computing. Wednesday, December 7th, 2016, 10 am PST | More details

November 2016

Web archiving at Library and Archives Canada: Tom Smyth, Manager, Digital Operations, Preservation Branch, provides an overview of Library and Archives Canada's web archiving activities. Wednesday November 16th, 10 a.m. PST. Slides: PDF in Google Drive

October 2016

Digital preservation at The University of Toronto Libraries: Hear about what's happening in digital preservation at North America's 3rd largest research library, presented by University of Toronto's Digital Preservation Librarian Steve Marks. Monday, October 24th, 10 am PST.

June 2016

The COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN): An Update (June 23, 2016) [Slides: PDF | PowerPoint | Google Drive]: An update on the COPPUL Digital Preservation Network, including an overview of the COPPUL DPN recommendations report and next steps for the development of the Network.

Recommendations for future events