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The COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network

Digital preservation combines policies, strategies, and actions that ensure access to digital content over time. When successful, digital preservation results in a cumulative record of human action and memory. Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values

The COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN) builds capacity for digital preservation at member institutions by offering world-class preservation infrastructure, education opportunities and advocacy resources, and by connecting local digital preservation activities with regional, national and international efforts. More information...

The CDSN is overseen by a Steering Committee and operated on a day-to-day basis by the COPPUL Digital Preservation Coordinator.

NOTE: In March 2018, the COPPUL Digital Preservaiton Network (COPPUL DPN) was renamed the COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN).

Key documents

Infrastructure services

COPPUL's suite of digital preservation services are rapidly evolving.  For an up-to-date overview, please see: COPPUL’s opt-in services overview.

  • Preservation storage services: WestVault is COPPUL's next generation Community LOCKSS Network.
  • Web archiving: COPPUL partners with the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) and the Internet Archive to offer Archive-It, a tool that enables COPPUL members harvest, build, and preserve collections of web-based materials.
  • Preservation processing services: Archivematica is an open-source digital preservation system designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. 
  • Repository services: Arca is a Fedora-based repository built on Islandora, a Canadian-developed open-source platform currently in use at over 100 public and private institutions worldwide.

Collaborative projects and initiatives

The CDSN works with a wide variety of regional, national and international projects and initiatives that have a meaningful impact on COPPUL members' ability to undertake effective digital preservation. Learn More.

Other activities

  • COPPUL digital preservation webinar series: a series of webinars on digital preservation activities across COPPUL and beyond.
  • COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Transformation Project: Concluded in the Spring 2017 and resulting in the official establishment of the COPPUL DPN, this two-year project commenced in August 1st, 2015 and aimed to transform COPPUL’s current digital preservation activities into a set of comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and sustainable services provided by a COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN).

More information?

For more information, contact the COPPUL Digital Preservation Coordinator:

Corey Davis