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What is the COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network?

“Much of our global cultural heritage, and our own individual and social imprint, is at serious risk of disappearing.” Richard S. Whitt, Corporate Director for Strategic Initiatives at Google

The digital preservation landscape is complex and rapidly evolving. As collections become increasingly digital, university libraries need solutions to address the substantial challenges associated with their emerging digital stewardship responsibilities. 

COPPUL has been active in digital preservation since the establishment of the COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network in 2007. Building on this foundation, the COPPUL Digital Preservation Working Group established the COPPUL DPN in 2015, with the intention of transforming COPPUL’s digital preservation activities into a set of comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and sustainable services. As of March 2018, the COPPUL DPN has been renamed the COPPUL Digital Stewardship Network (CDSN).

Guiding principles

CDSN activities and services enable all COPPUL members to:

  • Define the nature and scale of the challenges that face them in relation to digital preservation and stewardship issues.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for the life-cycle management of digital information alongside training and professional development opportunities.
  • Carry out effective, efficient, sustainable, and well-coordinated preservation activities using appropriate tools and methods.
  • Connect local digital preservation activities with regional, national, and international efforts.

Benefits of Participation

  • Direct cost savings. Through partnerships and collaborations, the CDSN will help members achieve cost savings around a suite of preservation-related tools and services.
  • Organizational efficiencies. By establishing and coordinating formal collaborative mechanisms, the CDSN will help members gain efficiencies in the full range of organizational activities associated with digital preservation.
  • Aligning with national efforts. The CDSN will work to align COPPUL’s efforts with emerging national infrastructure.
  • Building a community of practice. The CDSN will foster a vibrant community of practice that will enable members to effectively tackle complex digital stewardship issues as they emerge on their campuses.
  • Better access to funding opportunities. By facilitating cross-institutional engagement, and coordinating COPPUL’s investments in digital preservation, the CDSN will enhance member competitiveness when it comes to funding opportunities.
  • Cultivating campus commitments. By participating in the CDSN, members will signal to campus stakeholders the commitment and capacity necessary to address the challenges associated with long-term preservation, thereby increasing the likelihood of campus investments in this strategically important area.
  • Making a broader impact. By coordinating efforts across institutions, the CDSN will help establish best practices and make an impact in the broader field of digital preservation, leading to improved publication and grant opportunities for COPPUL members.

Core activities 

  • The CDSN enables individual member institutions to undertake effective digital preservation activities on their campuses by providing expertise and resources to develop local policies, procedures, workflows, and content management.
  • The CDSN provides educational and professional development opportunities related to digital preservation and stewardship.
  • The CDSN helps members advocate for resources and a greater role for digital stewardship on their campuses, and advocates as a consortium for increased awareness of, and resources for, digital preservation and stewardship.
  • The CDSN collaborates with external partners to provide COPPUL members with digital preservation and stewardship-related tools and services.
  • The CDSN works with the broader digital preservation and stewardship community to align COPPUL’s efforts with emerging national and international standards, services, and infrastructure, and pursues collaborative grant funding and other opportunities.
  • The CDSN provides training, technical support, and advice in relation to CDSN and other preservation-related platforms and services, and works towards platform integrations and new service offerings.

Opt-in services

Not all COPPUL members may require specific infrastructure services associated with digital preservation. As such, COPPUL digital preservation infrastructure services are offered on an opt-in basis for additional costs and will focus on preservation processing (e.g. Archivematica-as-a-Service), preservation storage (e.g. WestVault), and platforms to enable stewardship of digital resources (e.g. Archive-It). See COPPUL’s opt-in services overview for more information.

More information?

For more information, see the full CDSN Terms of Reference, or contact the COPPUL Digital Preservation Coordinator:

Corey Davis