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The COPPUL Digital Preservation Practitioners Forum

Note: the COPPUL Digital Preservation Practitioners Forum (DPPF) replaced the COPPUL Digital Preservation Working Group (DPWG) in the Spring of 2018.

The DPFF provides an opportunity for digital preservation practitioners within COPPUL to exchange information, share best practices, and strengthen professional relationships. It serves as a forum for sharing policies and practices related to digital preservation among COPPUL libraries, and facilitates discussion of current and emerging topics in preservation,  including the use of various digital preservation tools and services and how they combine to form systematic preservation strategies and programs. 

The DPFF's main communications channel is the listserv [be announced soon!], as well as teleconferences and in-person meetings as required.

Each COPPUL member library can appoint one (1) to three (3) members to the the DPFF by providing their name(s) and contact information to:

Corey Davis, COPPUL DPN Coordinator