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COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Transformation Project

As the demand for digital preservation escalates, COPPUL’s current digital preservation services are poised for transformation. The COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN) transformation project is a two-year project commencing August 1st, 2015, that aims to transform COPPUL’s current digital preservation activities into a set of comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and sustainable services provided by a COPPUL Digital Preservation Network (COPPUL DPN). The COPPUL DPN will accommodate COPPUL members of all sizes, provide a high return on investment for members, and offer flexible and scalable services that suit a broad range of needs.

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There is also a COPPUL DPN documents library related to the project that contains workplans, presentations, stakeholder reports, and more!

More information?

For more information, contact the DPN Coordinator:

Corey Davis, COPPUL DPN Coordinator