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License Begins: 
July 1, 2018
License Ends: 
June 30, 2019

Social Explorer is designed to provide libraries, scholars, students, and market researchers at all levels with quick and easy access to modern and historical census data and demographic information. This resource brings together a vast and growing amount of quantitative data with an intuitive visual interface to make demographic research, the analysis of social trends, and comparison of neighborhoods, communities, counties, and other areas accessible and interactive. Updated on a regular basis as new data and features become available, Social Explorer is a reliable and complete reference of quantitative modern and historical information that meets the needs of research-oriented and scholarly users without sacrificing ease of use for students and other non-experts.

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Choice of unlimited or concurrent user access.

Saskatchewan 2 to 3 SU

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FullText, Data, Other
Multi-Consortial Note: 

Consortia Canada license

Notes on Subscribers: 

This is a Consortia Canada license. Please contact COPPUL regarding all subscription-related matters.