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License Begins: 
January 1, 2015
License Ends: 
December 31, 2015

The UPCC collections include scholarly books primarily in the humanities and social sciences from more than 80 university presses and related not-for-profit publishers, and will make available more than 23,000 digital books by the end of 2013.

Among the additional purchase options available to libraries are a new Subject Collection offering, Ecology and Evolution, for which both backlist and frontlist collections will be available, and current collections in Language and Linguistics, a subject area previously only available in an archive collection. These join best-selling collections in core subjects such as History, Literature, Political Science and Policy Studies, Global Cultural Studies, and Religion and Philosophy. MUSE is also introducing a new set of Area Studies Collections, including African Studies, American Studies, Asian and Pacific Studies, Jewish Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and Russian and East European Studies. These cross-disciplinary collections bring together books that facilitate in-depth examination of the historical, cultural, political, and social forces shaping the region of interest.

A further new option for accessing the UPCC scholarship on MUSE is a Current Subscription offering, which provides faculty and students with unlimited full-text access to more than 7,500 books published in 2011, 2012, and forthcoming in 2013. With affordable tiered subscription rates, libraries may choose to subscribe as a method for examining ebook usage at their institution, and determining which collections and books would be best suited for permanent acquisition. An Archive Subscription is also available, providing unlimited access to over 16,000 UPCC books published in 2010 or earlier for a very reasonable fee.

As previously announced, MUSE/UPCC will also be introducing a title-by-title book purchase option, in partnership with YBP Library Services, in the first quarter of 2013. This will allow libraries to supplement collection purchases as well as build a customized collection from the ground up, utilizing YBP's acquisition and collection management services. More information on single title sales is coming soon.

Seventeen additional publishers will be contributing content to the UPCC Book Collections on MUSE during 2013, including the University of North Carolina Press, The MIT Press, University of Illinois Press, University Press of Florida, Louisiana State University Press, Catholic University of America Press, Presses de l’Université du Québec, and the Central European University Press.

Features of the UPCC Book Collections on MUSE include:

  • Unlimited simultaneous usage, printing and downloading
  • DRM-free PDF format, searchable and retrievable to the chapter level
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • Free MARC records
  • Simultaneous publication in e and p formats for new titles
  • Perpetual access rights for purchased books
Simultaneous Users: 

Unlimited simultaneous usage

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Usage Stats: 

View usage statistics.

To obtain usage statistics for both your MUSE books and journals, you must download the report labeled COP3. COP3 includes usage numbers for ebooks as well as journals. The COP2 report is journals only. Monthly statistics are updated by the 14th of the following month.

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FullText, Ebooks
Title Lists: 

Title lists for all collections

The content in the book collections available for purchase on MUSE is stable, and the titles included for collections from 2011 and earlier will not change. No additional titles will be added to these collections, and titles will not be removed unless a legal or copyright issue requires such action.

New titles will publish simultaneously in electronic and print formats.

Multi-Consortial Note: 

Consortia Canada license

Notes on Subscribers: 

This multi-consortia license is coordinated by The Alberta Library for Consortia Canada members. Please contact COPPUL regarding all subscription-related issues.

Subscriber Details

New for 2013: Two collections are available on a subscription basis; the archive content (titles that are more than 3 years old) and the current content (which will be rolling; current plus two years' previous).

Project MUSE eBooks are available for one-time purchase, perpetual access. There are no annual fees, however, it should be noted that the purchase agreement includes the following statement:

    "Providing that full payment of the total purchase price is made, per Clause VI.B., the Purchaser retains the right to perpetual access to the digital version of the purchased ebooks on the Project MUSE server. So long as the Purchaser has purchased access to a UPCC Book Collection on MUSE within the previous 24 month period, or maintains an active subscription to a Project MUSE Journal Collection(s), perpetual access to previously purchased ebooks will be made available on the Project MUSE server at no charge. Should the Purchaser be neither an active subscriber to a Project MUSE Journal Collection, nor have purchased any further UPCC Book Collections on MUSE in the previous 24 month period, JHUP reserves the right to charge a reasonable annual fee to recover the costs for providing continuing access and customer support on the Project MUSE platform."

Although MUSE "reserves the right” to charge a reasonable maintenance fee, they have not yet established a fee, and "will only do so if we find our support costs (maintenance of IPs and other technical data, customer service and tech support, etc.) for institutions which have done no new business with us in 2 or more years make it necessary" and are "reserving the right as a precautionary measure".