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Cambridge University Press is one of the largest and most prestigious academic publishers in the world, widely respected as a world leader in publishing for subjects as diverse as astronomy, Shakespeare studies, economics, mathematics and politics.

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Unlimited simultaneous usage

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1900's to present
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Usage statistics, access details and a list of Cambridge Books Online titles that your library currently subscribes to are available on the Account Administrator page.

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FullText, Ebooks
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Cambridge Books Online offers predefined or bespoke collections of content within a richly functional, fully searchable online environment.

  • Predefined Collections. Libraries may purchase predefined collections in leading subject areas, series and publication years.
  • Bespoke Collections. Libraries may customize a collection by subject, sub-subject, or date of publication. A minimum initial order of 20 titles qualifies a library to ongoing title-by-title selection.

New titles are added once per month. Libraries can opt-in or out of deals going forward. If a library purchases a collection they are not obligated to buy new titles from that subject area.

Annual Hosting Fee:

The annual hosting fee of $300 US, payable from year 2, will be waived if a minimum of 5 COPPUL libraries participates in this offer. CUP will continue to waive the annual fee in succeeding years only if COPPUL members continue to purchase content as it is added to the platform or if other member libraries join in the license. The minimum purchase requirements for future years are under discussion.